I am an experienced multi-disciplinary designer.
Focused on visual, UI and UX Design.

User Experience (UX) Design
– Online Course

Education - User Experience - Google
Education - User Experience - Google


User Experience (UX) Design is a series of courses that equip students with the skills needed to apply to roles in user experience design. UX designers focus on the interactions that people have with products like websites, mobile apps, and physical objects. UX designers make those everyday interactions usable, enjoyable, and accessible.
Key focuses:
  • Understand foundational concepts in UX design, such as user-centered design, the design process, accessibility, and equity-focused design.
  • Identify the factors that contribute to great user experience design.
  • Explain why design sprints are an important and useful part of a UX designer’s work.
2018 - 2020

Comms Team Leader
/ UX Designer

Work Experience - McCrindle
Work Experience - McCrindle


Sydney, Australia

McCrindle is a social research agency specialising in gathering generational insights and social research used for both strategic planning and marketing campaigns. 

Key tasks:

  • Designing and implementing marketing and sales systems
  • Change management within the business. Including the development of an intranet documenting processes throughout the business.
  • Facilitating strategy workshops with clients and internally
  • Client and partnership management in Education, Not-For-Profit, Media sectors
2010 - 2013

Designer & Marketer

Initially hired as a designer in the sports and lifestyle division I was responsible for all brand guardianship of brands in this . This included 

Key tasks:

  • Strategy and creation of advertising.
  • UX design of new Pastiche wholesale website. Designed to create a far easier experience for retailers across Australia and New Zealand. 
  • Brand guardianship. Making sure all presentations of the brand were inline with the required guidelines stipulated by Pastiche.
  • Development of appropriate packaging and graphics.


  • Restructuring all print material to produce higher quality results, while saving 30% on print costs.
  • Merging 4 sub-brands together under the Pastiche brand for stronger in-store brand presence.
  • Redesign and launch of new Pastiche retail website.


Sydney, Australia

Pastiche is an Australian mid-tier jewellery company. Competing in a competitive market, Pastiche stands out by delivering a combination of finely ornate, clean staples and strong statement pieces. 

Designs are manufactured in sterling silver and stainless steel. 

2007 - 2009


Initially hired as a designer in the sports and lifestyle division. I was responsible for guardianship of all brands in this division. This included retail presentations, in-store POS, packaging, advertising and digital creative. 

In 2008, Elan Polo Australia went through a restructure and I became the lead designer crossing all divisions in the company – Mens, Womens, Kids and sports and lifestyle. This provided an opportunity to see further in to the inner workings of the business including hiring, strategic future planning and retail partnerships. 

Key tasks:

  • Brand guardianship across multiple brands. Making sure all presentations of the brand were inline with the required guides stipulated by an overseas HQ, Elan Polo or both. 
  • Development of appropriate packaging and graphics. 
  • Product design.
  • Creation of POS, print and digital advertising creative assets.


  • Launching Mitre brand into the Australia and New Zealand market in 2008.
  • Building a young design team so early in my own career.
  • Being part of reinvigorating the Mambo brand.

Elan Polo

Sydney, Australia

Elan Polo is a footwear company. With a stable of brands operating in various capacities including exclusive distribution, regional franchise and brand ownership.  

Brands ranged most categories and included: Mitre, Mambo, Van Heusen and Bisley among others. 

2002 - 2004

Bachelor of Design
(Visual Communication)

Education – Bachelor of Design (Visual Communication) – The University of Newcastle
Education – Bachelor of Design (Visual Communication) – The University of Newcastle

The University of Newcastle

Newcastle, Australia
This degree not only gave me technical skills in a range of visual communication techniques, but more importantly a grounding in design thinking and process.

Key focuses:

  • Design thinking
  • Design history
  • Studio photography
  • Printmaking