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Uncle Jed becomes Luna Grand

Often when I brag about how good my mates are that ‘play in a band’ I get met with a level of feigned enthusiasm with expectations that they will have the quality of a year 8 garage band. Sometimes I’ve even dragged people along reluctantly to see my mates band play… but it’s always worth it… these people become fans. My mates are the band Uncle Jed.

I’ve loved following along with Uncle Jed as they’ve been on their journey, my close mates becoming music and tv sensations. I can’t count the number of gigs I’ve been to and many a good time has been had. Many, many memories.


But now Uncle Jed is no longer. Replaced with an updated model… Luna Grand. To celebrate this transition Adrian and I from Lokal Design Workshop have made this video:

Luna Grand also has a new EP out now!

If you don’t already follow Luna Grand… should should.
Great muso’s, and even better people.