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Quotes by Kanye


Inspirational quotes and sayings from one of our generations greatest role models.

Creative Genius or an egotistical Jerk? We’ll let Kanye decide. “I AM A GOD” is the little book of Kanye filled with a selection of the greatest quotes Kanye actually said about himself. It’s Mr. West (and his ego) at his best. “I AM A GOD” is perfect for the coffee table, or as a gift for that Kanye fan in your life, or for anyone who enjoys humour really.


Created by Daniel Malik, the newest member to the Lokal team, it’s available online now. The book is 36 pages of ‘I can’t believe he said that’ LOLs, each quote accompanied by a little hand drawn Kanye doing his thing. Also included is an “I love you like Kanye loves Kanye” gift card for that special someone.

Daniel created the book to enter and sell at the MCA’s annual zine fair where it was very well received. Since then he has started selling it online. Daniel has a background in architecture but is passionate about all disciplines of design. Print design excites him because of the amount of creative freedom it can accommodate for and its physical tangibility.

To see more, and buy a zine go to: quotesbykanye.com