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Re-brand & Print




CrossView Australia is a not-for-profit organisation that is focused on reaching the least reached and unengaged people groups who have no bibles or Christian resources in their own language. They equip and facilitate churches and individuals to reach the unreached, and assists church planters and cross-cultural workers to help them become more effective cross-cultural communicators. They do this by connecting people with those who are currently ‘on-the-ground’ and missionaries who have had ‘on-the-ground’ experience.

CrossView facilitates an extensive curriculum and training program, Connect. The Connect program is an individualised and personalised program which guides individuals through thorough personal reflection and guidance. It focuses on how to use personal gifts and talents in ministry, and how to apply the bible in a technical and personal way across different cross-cultural contexts. CrossView has a deep desire to do mission well, which reflects the priority that God has placed on us to ‘go into all the nations’. This desire is seen in CrossView’s thorough processes, highly experienced staff and a rich quality in all that they do.

Over time CrossView has been clarifying who it is that they are. Looking to better present this identity CrossView tasked us with re-designing the visual brand for both CrossView & Connect.

We also put together a small booklet for CrossView so that they were able to present themselves to church partners and people considering training with them.