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Crafting Stories… Overseas

In late 2015, Garth came back from a meeting with SMBC and said to me “There is a good chance we will be going overseas next year to shoot a video about a man who became a Christian through smoking the bible!”… You’re kidding right?

It happened.
(Check out the videos at the bottom of this post)

In February of this year (2016) Garth and I flew out on our journey to Cambodia and Malaysia. We were shooting for SMBC’s 100 for 100 program. A program that wants to see the world better equiped for gospel work. Filming the stories of a Cambodian name Vuthy Son and a Chinese Malaysian KayHoe Tan.



Shooting video overseas was an amazing experience, not just because we got to film cool locations for work but more-so because we got to become a part of the lives of those we were filming. Really this is the best way to tell a story… to immerse yourself in that story. We were fortunate enough that both Vuthy and KayHoe opened up there homes, family, friends and communities to us. I feel we’ll always remember this privilege.



While with Vuthy, he took us to both the S-21 Museum and the Killing fields. While this was a brutally heavy experience it was crucial for us understand the context in which Vuthy grew up so that we could better tell his story. It was amazing learning more about him and the work he is doing as the principal at Phnom Penh Bible School.



During the other half of our trip we got to spend our time with KayHoe. KayHoe was obsessed with making sure we got to try the best food Malaysia has to offer. I don’t think I have even been so full in my life! I loved hearing about KayHoes passion to influence culture and see good expository preaching happening in Malaysia.

We wish you the best Vuthy and KayHoe!


Here are the final videos…